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Russ Gould is Vice President, Global Product Marketing at Kofax, where he drives Kofax’s product innovation strategy, tapping into decades of enterprise software, consulting, and technology marketing experience. A recognized expert in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), he guides Kofax’s unique vision for process automation, fueling RPA’s value across cost savings, productivity, growth, customer satisfaction and employee retention.

Forecast for 2018: Digital Dominance from RPA to Business Transformation

Closing the distance between an organization and its customers is where long-term loyalty can be built. This will mean empowering customers to self-serve in a variety of functions without the requirement of visiting a brick-and-mortar office. Let’s look at five trends likely to guide organizational transformations (and the customer journey) in this year

Robotic Process Automation: Starting, Scaling, Expanding and Excelling

RPA works with your current systems, no rip and replace needed, and can be up and running within a few weeks. The ROI is fast and undisputable, and while we worry about robots taking our jobs, the simple truth is that they free us from boring manual tasks so we can focus on higher-value work. It’s kind of like getting into that driver’s seat for the first time. All those dials and gears and pedals seem overwhelming, but all you really have to do is start out in an empty parking lot and put the car into drive.

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