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Rilind Elezaj, Senior Link Builder at Day Translations, Inc, is a thought leader in digital marketing, with extensive experience in SEO and SMM.

How artificial intelligence is changing business in every industry

People view the concept of artificial intelligence as one of humanity trying to play the role of God and being doomed to extinction rooted in hubris once the creation surpasses the creator. The reality, of course, is that we are using AI all the time now, at least in some form or another. AI has revolutionized almost every industry and will continue to do so. In this article, we will examine how AI has changed the app development, travel, debt, retail, and IT industries so that we may better understand how AI interacts with business.

Five Ways How AI Is Shaping E-commerce

Ecommerce businesses often struggle to convert online browsers into actual shoppers due to their inability to replicate the traditional “physical shopping” experience that most buyers are accustomed to. Artificial intelligence is, however, rewriting this script by helping ecommerce businesses to not only attract but also retain customers. Businesses cannot, therefore, ignore the powerhouse that AI is growing to become. That is why, e-commerce websites must considerer seriously implementing AI into their businesses and enjoy its benefits. Here are five ways through which AI is achieving this.

AI In Healthcare: Opportunities and Challenges

AI related technologies are set to transform all industries in a massive way. In fact, most stakeholders believe that AI technologies will have almost the same landscape changing effects that electricity had on the entire human civilization over 100 years ago. The integration of AI into the healthcare sector is just one of the ways we're going to feel this effect in just a few short years. However, since the healthcare and medical industry is a unique one, AI integration comes with its own set of challenges and opportunities. These will be the focus of this article.

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