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Richard van Hooijdonk, trendwatcher, futurist and international keynote speaker, offers valuable inspiration sessions for companies, organizations and the public sector. His inspiration sessions have been attended by over 420,000 people. He is a regular guest at radio and television programs. He also lectures at Nyenrode Business University and Erasmus University Rotterdam/Netherlands. He investigates tech trends like robotics, drone technology, autonomous transport systems, Internet of Things, virtual reality, biotech, nanotech, neurotech, blockchain, 3D and 4D printing and of course augmented and virtual reality and their impact on various industries. Findings are published weekly in the form of compelling articles, e-books and white papers.

Algorithms and blockchain are set to shape the future of finance

The future of finance is bound to be shaped by emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain. Algorithms will play a major role in the industry, spotting money laundering schemes and helping banks better assess the creditworthiness of potential clients. Blockchain might power a real-time, cross-border payment system that’s faster and cheaper than traditional options. Winning tomorrow’s customers will depend on financial companies merging various technologies and services into a single experience that attracts and retains even the most demanding customers.

Big data marketing can help even the smallest companies succeed

Marketers use big data to sell more products. Big data marketing, however, analysing data to improve marketing activities isn’t about more ads. It’s about serving the right ads to the right people at the right time. It’s about answering questions regarding what type of message resonates with customers, which landing page is the most efficient, or which social media platform should the company use to reach their target audience. Without big data, companies operate on unproven assumptions, which is never a good idea. That’s why businesses use big data marketing to solve puzzling issues.

Top technologies transforming marketing right now

Today’s consumers are digital natives who are media-savvy, and that’s made them impervious to conventional marketing techniques. Rather than just trying to sell them something, businesses need to find a way to reach them on a deeper, more personal level. And it’s easy to understand why technology has taken on an increasingly prominent role in this sector in recent years, forcing companies to adapt or risk being left behind. In fact, it’s increasingly obvious that tech is the future of marketing. 

5G paves the way for the era of total connectivity

Science has changed our lives beyond recognition in the last few decades. A key part of this journey was mobile network technology that continuously evolves and provides us with ubiquitous internet access. The next stage of this evolution is 5G tech that promises unprecedented connectivity and internet speed. More than that, fifth generation connectivity will power self-driving cars, smart cities, and connected factories, turning them into the pillars of modern economic and social systems. Total connectivity is well upon us, and we’re witnessing the beginning of that transformation.

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