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Dr. Rich Huebner has 25 years experience with data design, data architecture, and analytics. He worked for large multinational organizations in healthcare, medical devices, and education; he's also an adjunct faculty member in multiple Universities. He holds two graduate degrees in Information Systems & Management with a Ph.D. in IT.

Applications of Machine Learning in Education

Machine learning methods are used in a wide range of areas. In this post, I will discuss a few of the ways that machine learning is used within the education space – specifically K-12. Machine learning has the potential of making a significant impact in this space, so let’s look at some of those areas. 

How To Get Your First Job As A Data Scientist or Analyst

You’ve arrived here because your goal is to get your first job as a data scientist. Currently, there are more data science jobs than there are people to fill them, so these types of jobs are in big demand today. Now becoming a data scientist is not going to happen overnight, but there are some core skills and education that you will need to land that first data scientist job. Here are my thoughts on what you can do land the first role as a data scientist or data analyst.

Expert Interview - Dr. Rich Huebner On Big Data And Its Impact

Big Data has been the talk of the technological and business world for a while now. While we already see many businesses leveraging from it and its impact on processes, we decided to bring forward an expert opinion on Big Data. Here's our conversation with Dr. Rich Huebner on the same. 

Applications of Machine Learning in Education

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