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Ram N is Consulting Partner at Strategic Caravan Intl Pvt Ltd that develops and delivers Customer Experience solutions. A recognized thought leader in loyalty marketing, he speaks regularly at industry sessions and has written for several Indian and International magazines. He is one of the experts quoted in The Loyalty Guide. 

Is your marketing agile?

Marketing has changed and the change has been so rapid, it demands that marketing people have to change the way they learn, adapt and operate in order to cope with this ever-changing landscape. Is agile a practical method for marketing?  In this post, an attempt is made to capture what has accelerated the change and how the marketing professional can cope with this change. At a broad level, the changes can be captured under three headings.

Decision Trees in Marketing

Today market segmentation is driven by machines. And one of the methods helping the machines to segment the customer base flawlessly is decision trees. The advantage of Decision trees over the earlier method of decision making is that it takes up a number of variables to predict the outcome. And in doing so it makes the prediction more and more accurate. In marketing, you can use it for campaign planning, customer value assessment, customer churn prediction, product launch decision, and several others.

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