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Rajesh Kamath heads Incubation and Solutions for Incedo Inc., a Bay Area headquartered technology firm focused on Data Analytics and Emerging Technologies. His areas of work currently include AI-driven text analytics, NLP, cognitive search, robotic process automation (RPA) and data automation.

How to improve ROI on automation: Four tips

Robotic process automation (RPA) seems to promise the Holy Grail to operations.  Lower cost, fewer errors, better compliance with procedures – the benefits seem real and achievable to COOs and operations leaders. The fact that RPA tools promise to pay for themselves from the operational savings (with short payback periods) makes the business case even more attractive.

Predictions for RPA in Financial Services in 2018

RPA platforms, in a way the most visible manifestations of the move towards automation that enterprises are getting to hear about. The kind of variability between the RPA platforms makes the task of predicting what lies ahead for them in 2018 difficult. However, our attempt at this prediction is based on what we are hearing from our clients and also the strategies that we are seeing some of our product partners adopt.

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