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Pragati Pathrotkar is Team Lead for the SEO department at Transparency Market Research Pvt. Ltd. She is a specialist in search engine optimized (SEO) content with a wealth of experience gathered from working in leading market research firms.

Mobile Cobots on the Move - The Next Wave in Industrial Growth!

The importance of industrial robots has increased largely in the automotive sector in the last couple of years. Due to this rise, the demand for mobile cobots has also increased. Though mobile cobots are currently in its initial stage of development, its significance is growing dramatically as they are not limited to perform single tasks. Deployment of mobile cobots helps in painting, spraying, and assembling of different parts of cars, due to which its demand has grown in the automotive sector. 

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in IOT Revolution

The vast amount of data generated and to be processed in connected devices through internet of things is expected to be cumbersome. Artificial intelligence based solutions will make IoT more efficient, thus planting the seed for the global AI in IoT market. The coming years are expected to be the turning years for this market. The AI in IoT market will be influenced by AI’s capacity to provide tools and frameworks for automating processes and real time decisions.

IoT & AI to Revolutionize the Way We Live!!

Smart Advisor – The Next Big Wave in Automation!

With the incorporation of smart and intelligent methodologies in financial management, the financial advisory industry is progressing towards getting entitled as smart financial services. This demand also is largely promoting growth in the global smart advisor market. There are many technologies that are supporting smart financial advisors in the smart advisors market. One such prominent technology is artificial intelligence or AI. The technology is making dramatic growth of efficiency and quality in the advisory business.

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