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Peter is a very seasoned and experienced Program/Engagement/Interim manager with international track-record in the Telco, Finance and the IT Management area, both start-ups and well established enterprise companies. This extensive ICT background in combination with his Block-chain know-how and network makes him a great partner for new initiatives in this area. Open minded and always interested in new challenges and technical developments connecting with our society.

Peter has a passion for:
- Innovations, new technology and realization models
- The box: "thinking outside, working with the inside"
- Teaming, collaborative working with clear accountability and responsibilities.
- Cross industry creations, "not invented here, but a great inspiration source"

Please Tell Me, What is Blockchain and How Does It Work?

People ask me frequently, “Please tell me, what is blockchain and how does it work?” I have been using various approaches and media answering this question, whiteboards, paper and even beer-coasters, and recently created a single page canvas combining all my scribbles and drawings to answer this question. This works very well, with great response and I like to share it including the story that goes with it. Maybe it is somewhat technical but most people follow the explanation quite well and really feel that they have learned something.

Please tell me, “How do I prove a Blockchain transaction is mine?”

Instead of an user id you get control via keys and signatures, signing transaction-addresses and with that you can prove it is yours. But with that you also have a new/different responsibility being in charge of your keys and related addresses. If you lose them, it is like losing a banknote, anyone can spend it no questions asked.

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