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Peadar Coyle is a Senior Data Scientist at Zopa, a Fintech, peer-to-peer lending, and social lending platform. He is an Open Source Software contributor (PyMC3, SciPy, and Pandas), international speaker and author experienced in building end-to-end Machine Learning systems. He designs and builds complete machine learning systems, data products, and features, and help teams understand how to integrate data-informed decision making in their business processes. 

What does it mean to be a Senior Data Scientist?

What do we expect from a Senior Data Scientist? Senior Data Scientists understand that Software/ Machine Learning has a lifecycle and so spend a lot of time thinking about that. They understand that ‘data’ always have flaws. These flaws can be data generating processes, biases in data. They understand the ‘soft’ side of technical decision making, focus on impact and value, and care about ethics. At the very least Senior Data Scientists should read some of the code of ethics in Data Science and have views on these. Ideally, you should have your own code of ethics, and maybe enforce those on yourself.

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