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Pat Saporito, a Data and Analytics Thought Leader, is a senior director, in SAP Global Center of Excellence for Analytics, an Advisory Board Member, BI & Analytics Masters Program at Stevens Institute of Technology, and Mentor at Global Insurance Accelerator. She has over 25 yrs. experience in information management, data warehousing and analytics and is a frequent blogger, writer, and speaker on these topics. She is a recognized expert in the insurance industry and has worked with many other industries as well. She is author of the book Applied Insurance Analytics and a regular contributor to Best’s Review magazine. She has been a faculty member of the International Institute for Analytics (IIA), co-founded by Tom Davenport.

Predictive Analytics Impact on the Insurance Industry

Predictive analytics is widely accepted in marketing for customer acquisition, retention and cross-sell for good reason. Customers with more than one policy typically have a higher retention rate. Also, a policy often does not become profitable for 2-3 years due to sales acquisition costs. Predictive analytics help target the right customers and to predict those who may leave or churn.

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