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Ofer Amitai is CEO and co-founder of Portnox. With over 20 years' experience in network security, he established the first IT security team in the Israeli Air Force. He managed the security division at Xpert Integrated Systems and served as Microsoft regional director of security. He is a proven innovator and thought leader in network security.

The evolution of enterprise IoT and its security risks

IoT may be the next big thing in enterprise technology, but the various types of connected devices that seem useful for a business have the potential to cause more harm than they help. If these risks are controlled by some of the best practices, IoT can be engaged with in a healthier and safer fashion. If not, IoT has the potential to evolve into a minefield for cyber-risk in the enterprise.

Why is it so hard to see IoT devices on the network?

What many businesses forget is that IoT devices are not typically secure. In fact, they are designed to remain cheap and lightweight, which makes them difficult to manage once they are connected to the network. There are several reasons why IoT devices create a visibility challenge. As device manufacturers aren’t required by consumer protection laws to integrate security features, now is the time for enterprises to focus on gaining complete IoT visibility. It starts with understanding the inventory of connected devices and ends with segmenting those devices into areas of the network with limited access according to their needs.

IoT and IT can be friends

Any good friendship is based on a mutual understanding of value. The same is exceptionally true of IoT devices and IT professionals. IoT needs IT to function correctly and safely, and in some cases to have all the data that it collects understood. IT needs IoT to increase efficiency, reduce overhead and provide actionable intelligence.

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