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Nikolas Kairinos is Founder and CEO at Fountech.ai,  a firm specializing in the development and delivery of intelligent AI solutions for businesses and organizations., For over 20 years, he has participated as an entrepreneur, investor, and advisor in building numerous software start-ups around the world.

Four Rules For Integrating AI Into Your Business

Artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly having a huge impact across the entire business landscape in industries as diverse as pharmaceuticals, law and education. Successful AI disruption comes from a willingness to embrace change. It is difficult to predict how AI will reshape different industries but what’s clear is that the most open, flexible and forward-facing companies have the best chance of adapting to the new landscape. Here are four rules for getting started.

Why Do Some Organisations Struggle to Adopt AI Technologies?

It should come as no surprise that large tech enterprises are readily embracing AI as a means of improving the way they operate and their ability to engage with clients. However, for smaller organisaitons and companies that are less tech savvy, the ability to identify and implement AI can be overwhelming and complicated in equal measure. What are the main barriers stopping organisations – particularly those outside of the tech sector – from taking advantage of this powerful technology?

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