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Nicholas Ismail is Editor at Information Age.  He writes original articles for the magazine and website, interviewing business leaders both on and off-camera while providing analysis for IT and business leaders on the latest technology trends disrupting the industry.

A guide to artificial intelligence in enterprise: Is it right for your business?

Board members and decision-makers are increasingly aware of the benefits of AI and automation, but the question should always remain: Is it right for my business? How does it solve a problem? With the general rise of this technology into business operations also comes challenges, dangers and potential risks to the human workforce. This feature will examine all these aspects and hope to give an overall look at AI and automation in the enterprise.

AI predictions: how AI is transforming five key industries

Over the next three years, embedded artificial intelligence (AI) will dramatically reshape the customer experience across nearly all industries, with most major businesses providing some type of AI-centred customer experience. AI is a way of providing new, novel experiences that are useful and helpful to people. While every industry will be affected by AI, specifically this technology will drive the greatest transformation over the next three years in healthcare; travel, transportation & hospitality; and manufacturing, banking, and insurance. 

The CTO view on AI: business critical or hype monster?

It’s clear the umbrella of artificial intelligence has advanced in areas like machine learning, which is already impacting areas such as image recognition, one of the biggest current viable use cases of AI-based technology. Any CTO looking at the technology will have to define a relatively narrow use case — ‘what problem will AI help me solve’, they should ask?, and  focus on making sure there is enough data, and the right kind of data, to support that use case.

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