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Naveen Gattu is COO & Co-Founder at Gramener, a data science consulting company which advises clients specifically in Data Analytics, Design and Data Visualisation. A recipient of the Lufthansa Pioneering Spirit Award, he is a regular speaker at industry/academic forums like Open Data Conference, Nasscom, TiE, Big Data Conferences.

The Value of Visual Data in Decision-Making

Technology is tucked inside every nook and corner of modern business. Smart leaders use data generated to understand what’s happening in the organization, and this analysis helps them bring agility to their business. In fact, data-driven organizations that harness insights to create a competitive advantage are growing rapidly. Data should be an influence to any major business decision. And so, data visualization is a powerful tool to bring dramatic changes to organizations. It can provide answers to many key questions, and make the data visually appealing, 

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