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Four Ways Technology Changes Business Communication

Changes in technology have affected nearly every aspect of our personal and professional life; however, the most prevalent changes are likely in communication. The way that we communicate is constantly evolving, and it is presently being pushed forward by technological advances. When researching the changes that technology has delivered to communication, the focus is often on personal experiences. This is certainly not the full picture. Technology has made significant, permanent changes to how businesses communicate, both internally and externally. The following are just a few of the ways that business communication has changed recently due to technology.

The Top 4 Quality Management Technology Trends

Because of the technology, quality standards have improved considerably across the board. Engineering processes have become much more efficient and reliable, operations are better controlled, and the related system architecture is much easier to maintain and manage. While QM technology may be tried and true, various applications are still considered relatively young. These trends are on the bleeding edge of the field, offering their own sets of advantages. Provided the technology and necessary infrastructure is already in place, here are the top quality management technology trends you should be keeping an eye on.

How Analytics and AI Can Revamp Your Sales Team

Your salespeople provide the humanistic touch needed to close sales and maintain customer relationships. But if they're not using analytics and AI tools these days, they're working harder than they need to. Consider the benefit of being able to engage in more realistic company operations planning, courtesy of intelligent sales forecasting. Having a way to more accurately predict next quarter's or next year's revenue based on your historical and real-time sales team performance goes a long way in mapping out and prioritizing major spending and acquisition decisions, too.

Seven Tax Tips for Businesses

Going into business for yourself by forming a corporation or sole proprietorship is an exciting endeavor. Of course, from a taxation standpoint, it can also be a little overwhelming. These seven tips will help you navigate your tax requirements. You can begin to implement some of these tax tips for businesses practically overnight. Others are slightly more involved and might require input from your lawyer or accountant. All of them, however, have the potential to help your business.

The Rise of Digital Sustainability

It seems strange then that the United Nations has coined digitization as an instrumental component for achieving sustainable development goals. After all, the concept does have some requirements for moving away from digital mediums as a means to lower dependency. The reality is, many digital tools exist for improving sustainability levels, particularly when it comes to tracking resource consumption. Certain IoT devices, for example, can monitor and report water and energy usage. The incoming information can then improve processes or operations, cutting down on total consumption.

The Future of Auditing: The Opportunities and Challenges of Technology

Auditing might sound like a stuffy, old-fashioned concept. But that couldn't be further from the truth now that modern technologies are bringing this industry into the 21st century. The role of the auditor will start to look a little different as these technologies mature further. Their roles will have to gravitate more toward that of analyst or data scientist. They'll also need to be more than conversant in cybersecurity and other types of modern threats that might be relevant to auditing.

How Predictive Analytics Can Help With Workplace Safety

Workplace safety is a tremendous responsibility. Keeping personnel and assets safe is becoming an increasingly manageable challenge, thanks to modern technologies — including big data and predictive analytical tools. Physical and stress-related health and safety issues are common in offices and warehouses alike. What are some of the ways technology can help keep us safer and better attuned to workplace risks? Companies can use predictive modeling to learn where injuries tend to occur and are likely to happen in the future.

Creating a Regulatory Compliance Strategy in the Digital Age

When you run a business, maintaining compliance with all governmental rules and regulations including taxation, worker safety, and environmental measures is key to ongoing viability. Compliance issues often arise from changes in adherence to applicable laws, regulations, and guidelines specific to business practices. It forms the basis of many complaints about governmental interference in private business operations. However, leaders must realize the rules exist for a reason, in many cases to increase parity and promote public health and safety.

Five ERP Trends You Need to Know for Business in 2019

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a process management software used by businesses that merges various aspects of a business, such as manufacturing, financials, and reporting into one fluid system. In the past, separate software systems were needed for the mentioned business aspects to accomplish all business functions. Today, modern ERP software can bring all business processes together to keep up with all your business needs. Here’s our list of top ERP trends and how they will affect business in 2019.

Work Smarter: The Rise of the Intelligent Office

Businesses around the globe are creating smart offices to improve productivity; save money on utilities; and create a happier, healthier workforce. If you're planning in on building a smart office, start by figuring out how this technology can improve your existing operating procedures. The goal of creating smart offices is to work smarter, not harder. Don't bring in IoT if it's going to make your job harder. Use it as a tool to make things flow more smoothly.

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