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Nathan Sykes is founder and editor of  Finding an Outlet, a platform for the latest news and trends in business technology. 

Businesses Need to Get Serious When It Comes to IoT Security

There’s no single or straightforward answer for solving the major security issues with IoT, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to achieve. To start, we need to focus on improving the security for IoT altogether. As for you — a business owner, executive, or IT professional working in the industry — it’s time you get serious about the problem and come up with some ways to bolster your own security before it becomes a Pandora’s box. Deploying a real-time monitoring solution to the backup of a machine learning or an AI platform is a great start.

Why 2019 Is the Year Your Company Needs ISO Certification

Knowing exactly where your company needs to tighten things up can be difficult. CEOs and executive teams spend large sums on consultants and evaluative tools to understand what exactly keeps their business from growing. To help businesses take the first step in this process, the International Organization for Standardization offers a set of standards you can build your company around and a certification process to ensure you're adhering to the policies and procedures outlined.

Seven Tech Hiring Trends for 2019

The tech industry is booming in America and with unemployment the lowest it’s been in 50 years, companies are clamoring to scoop up well-qualified talent for non-executive tech roles. It probably doesn't come as a surprise to you that tech is in demand. However, if the technology industry has taught us anything, it's that modern-day career development doesn't adhere to the rules of generations past. People change jobs more frequently and for different reasons than they once did. So how are today's top companies finding and acquiring tech talent? Here are seven trends we've noticed for 2019.

IoT’s Real Impact on Business

As the adoption of IoT began to ramp up, more things became apparent — particularly regarding the benefits it can offer the average operation. By utilizing the data collected and transmitted from connected devices, companies have seen unprecedented efficiency and cost improvements, but also many boons to oversight. These changes are largely positive, and they’re reported across all industries, from manufacturing to modern health care. However, all this change means the entire business world is in a constant state of flux, and it will stay that way, at least for the foreseeable future.

Four Quality Management Technology Trends

It’s more beneficial to invest in trends that are truly going to have an impact on your business and bottom line. Here are four key trends in quality management technology that you should be paying attention to. These four quality management technology trends are here to stay and will also have a direct influence on the future of the field. It's essential, then, that you pay them the proper attention and consideration. The sooner you implement these practices, the better off your entire organization will be.

How Big Data Is Improving Risk Management

Big data Is just one tool for managing risk. As we mentioned above, there are three pillars to effective risk management in modern times: oversight for regulatory compliance, a strong company culture focused on making the right hires and training on the right principles, and the wise application of useful technologies. One of the most important advantages of bringing data analytics into the mix versus relying on the other two pillars alone is that the company's analytics platform gets smarter with each new data point it receives.

How Technology Is Modernizing Compliance

Thanks to emerging laws, there seem to be more ways than ever to run afoul of compliance and reporting requirements. Compliance represents a number of different types of challenges. Some of these, like social and political pressures, are the inevitable consequence of globalization. Others, like technological and regulatory pressures, require that companies balance self-interest and convenience with the needs of the environment and human institutions. Here's a look at how technology helps to address each of these in turn.

How to Find the Right IT Vendors for Your Business

Whether you represent a brand-new startup or you've been in the game a while and your company is just ready for a change, choosing a new IT vendor is a decision you'll want to make in equal parts on merit, culture, and personality. Here's what to look for and how to find it. Does the company you're looking at support a wide variety of technologies and brands, or only one or two? Do they provide other managed services you might want to branch out with in the future, or do they just do one or two things well?

The Future of Nonprofits: Big Data, AR and Emerging Technologies

Emerging and innovative technologies are constantly changing the world of business, and more often than not it’s for the better. While we regularly hear about how things like IoT and smart devices change industries such as manufacturing, logistics and even healthcare, there’s one area we don’t hear a lot about: non-profit. Believe it or not, the very same technologies are having an impact on the non-profit sector too. Platforms such as big data, the blockchain, artificial intelligence, and yes, even the Internet of Things all have a role to play in the future of the industry.

Almost a Year Later: The Real Impact of GDPR

Almost a year after the ominous GDPR regulation was passed in the EU, it’s time to look back and measure its true impact. The ambitious and incredibly strict regulation was meant to bolster privacy and security for European citizens. It also promised to deliver more control over personal data, allowing citizens to outright delete their information if desired. Did it do that? What has changed between its rollout in May 2018 and now?

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