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Mohit is an entrepreneur amd CEO and founder of Godtoken org  He loves educating people about blockchain and cryptos. He writes for some of the largest publications including TechCrunchTheNextWebCoinTelegraphLinkedIn Pulse,  FactorDailyHackernoonYourStory. And his content has been shared by the likes of New York Times and CoinDesk.

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Ethereum, patiently explained

Ethereum isn’t just a cryptocurrency to be traded; its real value lies in its purpose. Ethereum’s purpose is to allow the owner to use the distributed world computer that several thousand nodes are powering.Ethereum is basically a huge computer! However it’s an extremely slow one — about five to 100 times slower than regular computers today — and very expensive. 

Everything you need to know about ICOs

An ICO is not just a new way to raise money. It’s also a new way to get customers and create network effects in business. Tokens are fantastic, and when you understand what they are capable of accomplishing, you’ll have your mind blown. When a company sells a token in a crowdsale, they get three things in return — investors, customers, and evangelizers. What else, as an entrepreneur, could you possibly want?

Every company will use blockchain by 2027 - here’s how.

In this article, we discuss five different ways blockchain will fit into your company in less than ten years from now. So let’s start with the basics: what is blockchain exactly? Put simply, a blockchain is a database. It’s an ever-growing database of different kinds of data and it has quite remarkable properties:

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