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Michelle Chaffee is founder and CEO of alska, a secure web-based technology solution connecting family caregivers and professional care teams. She is a respiratory therapist, professional patient advocate, and a former medical investigator. Chaffee writes, speaks and consults on improving healthcare consumer experience and delivery of care.

It's Time for Tech Companies to Get Transparent About Customer Data

You may wonder why all the focus on personal data. What do companies want it for anyway? Basically, the answer is, to make more money. You are probably unaware of all the ways your personal data is being collected. Your cell phone company is collecting your data, a plethora of “free” apps are collecting your data, that’s how they are able to offer it at no charge but it is costing you something, you’re paying with your personal information. The bottom line is, you should be deciding if this is something you are willing to share or not. 

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