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Michael Angelo, Chief Security Architect, Micro Focus, is well known in the security community for his work designing, developing, implementing and deploying security products and architectures in multinational corporate environments. He has been a featured speaker at numerous national and international security conferences, including RSA, ISSA and InfoSec. In 2013 he was named to the ISSA Hall of Fame.

The rise of Haas and IaaS and their impacts on data security

The rise of HaaS and IaaS in 2019 will shed light on a central insecurity in PaaS cloud strategy, as the staff controlling cloud environments have access to the information and materials stored and used in the cloud. Overall, while we ask ourselves “What is dangerous about PaaS?” we need to understand that attention needs to be given to protecting the system snapshots from a HaaS and an IaaS perspective.  Most importantly, we should continue asking, “Who really has access to the virtual machines and snapshots?” Until this happens, PaaS remains a real threat. 

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