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Matt Reaney is the founder and Director at Big Cloud that is a recognized influencer and recruitment specialist in Data Science, Machine Learning, and AI.

Aspiring Data Scientists - Get Hired!

Despite the mounting demand for Data Science professionals, it’s still an extremely difficult career path to break into. The most common complaints from candidates who have faced rejection are lack of experience, education level requirements, lack of opportunities for Freshers, overly demanding and confusing job role requirements. There are also challenges for people with heaps of experience getting rejected due to lack of applicable experience to the role they’re applying for. Make sure your skills, experience, and projects tell the hiring manager that you have the tools necessary to make an impact on their business and how when applying these techniques in the past, you’ve had x y z results. 

This Is Why We Need To Regulate AI

As the technology progresses at a rapid pace, it is a critical time for governments and policymakers to think about how we can safeguard the effects of Artificial Intelligence on a social, economic and political scale. Artificial Intelligence is not inherently good or bad, but the way we use it could well be one or the other.

MIT IQ Initiative Is Taking A Different Approach To AI Research

It’s a pivotal time for those involved in Artificial Intelligence, as many within the community are looking at how it can improve the state of the world we live in. A new approach to AI research by MIT IQ is the latest initiative to want to tackle some of these concerns. Whilst there are many initiatives actively researching Artificial Intelligence applications for the good of society, MIT aims to take a different approach to the very foundations of the field. Through this, they hope to answer some of the most burning questions that will help to drive the development of AI.

Are You Really Ready To Relocate For Work?

Relocation can offer a wide variety of benefits, but before you make that move you need to ensure that your decision isn’t just grass-is-greener syndrome, and you’re doing it for the right reasons! Data Science is a relatively young industry. The attraction of moving to a new country is more appealing to a younger workforce than a ‘veteran’. No matter where you have your sights set on, what should you consider before taking the plunge and moving for work? Find out what is on offer in terms of relocation benefits and package. Have you relocated for work? How was your experience?

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