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Masoud has been a researcher in the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory since 1995 and is widely recognized as an international leader in scientific computing and artificial intelligence.

Combining over 25 years domain expertise and technical know-how in the field of machine learning and advanced analytics with high-performance computing and big data with his leadership and entrepreneurship skills, Masoud is helping research organizations in healthcare, financial analytics and cyber security, government, universities and industrial labs to accelerate their research and engineering. He's currently acting as the Chief Data Scientist at Skry, a blockchain analytics and intelligence company based in Silicon Valley

Moneyball: Sports Analytics in Soccer to Predict Performance and Outcomes

Soccer's dynamic nature makes it a notoriously difficult game to predict. But if you have enough data and attributes, you can increase the accuracy of your predictions by using advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence methods.

Predicting the 2016 Presidential Election

A Predictive-Descriptive Artificial Intelligence-based expert computer system predicts a Democratic landslide victory in the race for the White House in 2016.

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