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Mary Spio is Founder, Chief Visionary & Product Architect at CEEKVR INC, an award-winning developer of premium social virtual and augmented reality experiences and the Smart Virtual Currency (VR Token) and Crypto/Blockchain marketplace. She worked with Boeing Digital Cinema, Intelsat and Aerospace Corp developing technologies that have changed media and communications, and provided technical guidance and content solutions for over 200 radio stations, Microsoft XBOX, Tribune News Company, Coca-Cola, Toyota and many more. She helped create the technology that changed the entire movie distribution paradigm working with Lucas Films, 20th Century Fox, and other major studios. Department of State appointed her as a Speaker on Innovation and Entrepreneurship on behalf of the United States to speak in various countries including South Africa, China, Mexico, Ukraine, Russia and more.

Why Big Tech Companies Are Going to the Blockchain

The Blockchain technology allows companies conducting business with one another to securely and openly record transactions, store considerably more data in comparison with conventional database storage, resulting in more refined analysis and insights. Approximately six out of ten large companies are considering the use of Blockchain technology.  Blockchain represents an amazing opportunity for companies to create safe and secure global infrastructure.  The more general adoption of Blockchain technologies by mainstream businesses as well as trailblazers are attempting to carve out new niches where this technology could yield significant results, appears to be closer at hand every day.

Blockchain - The Invisible Technology Reshaping the World

When changes are made to any transaction or agreement it will be visible to the parties involved in the specific transaction, which minimize your chances of blunders. In principle, Blockchain technology provides Authenticating an identity, Establishing Contracts, and Recording Transactions. Blockchain technology can be applied in a lot of different fields. However, it must be adjusted to fit the requirements of a specific business. The discussion of Blockchain technology will keep on escalating as more people are developing and understanding the applications and capabilities of the Blockchain.


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