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Marcel Shaw is Federal Sales Engineer at Ivanti. He has worked extensively with United States federal agencies solving IT problems.  These agencies include USDA, NIST, FDA, DEA, DHS, FBI, DHA, Whitehouse Communications, Army, Air Force, Navy, Joint Task Force, NIH, Social Security Administration, IRS, NOAA, and FAA among others.

How RPA and AI will impact IT asset management

To meet growing service and asset requests, agencies are looking to IT asset management solutions that incorporate robotic process automation and artificial intelligence. In recent years, IT asset management has become an important part of an overall security strategy for many agencies after several highly publicized security breaches. Incorporating RPA with AI into next-generation IT asset management solutions will also help agencies that are struggling to meet IT asset management objectives due to limited resources. Several key areas will see changes as a result of incorporating RPA and AI into IT asset management.

How Artificial Intelligene (AI) Will Disrupt 3Key ITSM Technologies

When AI infiltrates our corporate and government networks, IT Service Management (ITSM) organizations will be responsible for keeping these systems up and running. With enormous workloads, limited budgets, and an influx of IoT, ITSM departments are struggling to keep up with demands. To help service management organizations keep up, we will see ITSM solution providers incorporate AI into their solutions as a way to improve efficiency while reducing costs. We should expect AI technology to disrupt current ITSM technology in three key areas.

Why is Change Management Critical for Software Asset Management?

A change management process that requires software license contracts to be considered for every change request can help organizations avoid unnecessary costs resulting from a software audit. However, an inexperienced license expert on the CAB might approve changes that could incur more costs simply because they do not understand their software license agreements and the impact of the RFC. Be sure to hire or partner with the expertise required for evaluating software license contracts.

Rise of the Chief Data Officer (CDO) and the Impact to ITSM

Many organizations are realizing the value of their data so they are beginning to treat their data as a company asset; hence, the rise of the Chief Data Officer (CDO). Data provided from IT service management reports and metrics will be vital information for the CDO as he/she defines strategy for new technology, process, policy, security, and IT architecture. ITSM managers should expect the CDO role to have a direct impact on how IT service management will be implemented, delivered, measured, and most importantly, integrated with other IT solutions within the organization.

Three Tips for IT Asset Management (ITAM) Discovery

IT discovery is the foundation to your IT asset management (ITAM) solution. If discovery is unreliable, then all of the asset information you are trying collect will not be reliable. Don’t let IT asset discovery become a stumbling block to your ITAM solution. Be sure to have clear objectives and a clear vision of the reports that will be needed to support those objectives. Set your discovery tools to discover and monitor assets relevant to your objectives. Most important, don’t overwhelm your IT employees with unnecessary discovery information, especially during the early phases of the project.

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