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Manisha Raisinghani is the co-founder and CTO of LogiNext,, a leading SaaS companies catering to logistics and workforce optimization. The company, under her guidance, has won over different global markets with superior products that work around patented self-learning algorithms. She has won awards, accolades and admirers alike for her technically astute but strategically exploratory mindset. Within a short period, she has led LogiNext to the level of global acceptability and recognition.

How Machine Learning And IoT Transforms Field Workforce Management

Machine learning is a reality that we are just waking up to. The eventual evolution of machine learning is predictive automation. Predictive automation might be a reality in the next couple of years itself. If IoT is the destination then we are on the right track.

How machine learning streamlines location data with the Kalman filter

The Kalman filter is an innovative data cleansing method. The filter has been randomly used for route and location corrections. The idea is that the filter recognizes sudden deviations from the average data and marks the possibility of that data being erroneous. The updated Kalman filter adds to the growing progress towards creating more and more value for industry 4.0 using the internet of things.

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