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Madhusudan Therani is  Chief Technology Officer at Near, an Ambient Intelligence Platform providing real-time information on places, people, and products. He leads the engineering and data science efforts at Near, and has a proven track record of working on large-scale data analysis, machine learning, text analysis, and decision-making models in a variety of domains including engineering design, product lifecycle management, online search and computational advertising.


Pay Attention to Spatial Data, It Is the Next Frontier

With an almost endless list of sources – including map and satellite data, catchment areas, service points, building and customer locations, land use data, urban data, and communication pathways – spatial data is a valuable global commodity which comes in many forms.

The misconceptions of AI

Are AI-based systems the next step in a continuous tech evolution that’s allowing us to achieve more, or something alarming that society should be concerned about? Before leaning on either side of the coin, it is important to first understand the misconceptions of AI as portrayed in popular media.


AI and Robots Aren’t About to Take Over the World, Yet

Has the hype around AI gone one step too far? Are we really on the brink of a rise-of-the-machines takeover, or should we view intelligent technology as a means to improve our marketing efforts and build a better relationship with consumers?

Understanding the 3 Location Data conundrums

Understanding the implications of location data quality and the associated location intelligence is necessary for correct business decisions. Availability of location signals can guide audience building, audience behavior monitoring, provide insights about consumer activity in the physical world, and track, measure post-campaign activity in the physical world to name a few key use-cases. Furthermore, combining location signals with other data sources can guide broader business decisions.

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