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Louise Cermak is a Principal Consultant Agile and DevOps at Catapult CX limited. She has worked for over twenty years in software engineering, ITSM and implementing DevOps and agile for large enterprises.

Leading Business Transformation From the Top

New agile digital disruptors have realised the importance of centring their business objectives on value and technology, making it vital for traditional incumbents to follow suit. If waterfall organisations ignore this challenge, their ability to innovate, and react quickly to market changes and new customer demands is threatened. To change and succeed, the active involvement from the C-suite is essential to instil a cultural shift, placing value and people - employees and customers - at the centre of any transformation.

Five Key Considerations When Implementing Any Product Team

When creating the product team, ensure you listen to feedback from the individuals likely to be impacted, don't just do a paper exercise of moving people into new organisational structures. The teams on the ground know what skills and resources they need in their product teams, they know the issues they face and will have good ideas on how to address them, the key aim is to maximise the flow of valuable work into the team. 

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