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Krish Kupathil, an entrepreneur, thought leader, speaker, and innovator, is the founder and Chief Executive Officer at Mobiliya Technologies. He has a keen interest in next-gen technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Robotics deploying them in the segments of Banking, Insurance, Healthcare, and Manufacturing.  He is a trusted advisor to senior executives in some of the largest global corporations including Google, Microsoft, HP, Deutsche Telekom, Intel, and Qualcomm.

IIoT: The rise and rise of IoT in the industrial sector

There is more than one way in which IoT can enable industries to accelerate growth, transform economies and achieve a new level of competitiveness. With IIoT, manufacturers can ensure greater efficiencies across the value chain, ranging from operations and services to engineering and product supply. The inherent benefits of IIoT, including asset optimization, smart monitoring, predictive maintenance and, most importantly, intelligent decision-making, are rapidly making it an irreplaceable technology.


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