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Konstantin Didur is Senior Marketing Manager at N-iX LLC. He has 8 years of digital marketing experience in software development, banking, insurance, and automotive industries.

Digital Transformation Framework: How to Turn the Tables on Fintechs?

Global financial companies enhance digital services to attract new customers across the whole financial ecosystem. Fintechs and software giants successfully exploit their corresponding niches. In turn, the vast majority of community banks have no distinct advantages over their competitors.

Is this the best way to do digital transformation in banking?

When digital disruptors squeezed their way into financial services industry, one could think banks were doomed. Fintechs are luring customers away with better online service, lower fees, and cheaper transfers. Consider a huge cost of digital transformation for banking corporations and you see legacy players can have a hard time catching up with the newcomers. Apparently, the banks were not going to simply give up. Over the last five years, they spent tens of billions of dollars setting up innovation hubs, buying competitors, and changing operations.

How do fintech and blockchain technology blend?

Fintech and blockchain technology merge quite well.  The number of blockchain fintech startups is soaring, while distributed ledger technologies slowly taking ground in the financial services industry. It will be interesting to see if this technology and smart contracts can live up to their expectations and transform financial ecosystem for the better. Let’s see how smart contracts and blockchain can transform the global FinServ, explore the major blockchain platforms, and check out several fintech startups that use this technology.

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