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Juned (A) Ghanchi is Founder & head of Business Development Team at IndianAppDevelopers Company that focuses on providing solutions for Android and IOS platforms.

Six Impressive Ways AI Will Reshape Fintech Mobile Apps

While enterprise mobile app has become a mainstay of adopting fintech, new technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) is playing an elementary role in shaping such apps. While the financial sector is fast adopting AI for its applications, it is essential to have a look at the specific ways it is going to reshape the entire fintech mobile apps. Naturally, all fintech apps today or tomorrow have to come to terms with this technology. Though until now it cannot replace human beings, it can make financial services more personalised and customer-centric than ever before.

Key Considerations for a Startup to Build a Fintech Mobile App

Fintech has become a key component of modern financial companies and their offerings. Whether it is insurance, home loans, savings, and term deposit products or business loans, every financial product today depends on Fintech. As Fintech can only grow thanks to smarter innovations that keep pouring, for startups, it offers a never-before opportunity. But, how can you build an innovative and business-driven fintech mobile app to propel growth for your startup? What are the key considerations when developing a new fintech app? Let's explain a few of them here. 

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