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Jesse Moore is the Chief Executive Officer at Sigma News Ventures, that uses state of the art machine learning to develop text mining tools for the U.S. stock market. Prior to becoming CEO, he was the Chief Data Scientist for the company. His career has seen him working in upstream/downstream oil and gas as a senior project manager, in online marketing, and as a consulting Data Scientist to several European companies and startups.

Hiring Data Scientists Step 1: Stop Looking for Data Scientists.

How many people in the world do you think fit this bill? And what number of those people has the soft skills to be customer facing, client facing, and management facing, yet analytical, creative, and intelligent. We are asking the wrong things from Data Scientists and we are looking in the wrong places. There is no possible way that a Data Scientist will use all these tools at one company, and even less likely that someone knows all these languages. Data Science is more about the intelligent use of programming, rather than programming itself.

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