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Jean-Christophe Gaillard is Managing Director and Founder at Corix Partners. He is also a Non-Executive Director with Strata Security Solutions, a specialized cybersecurity firm. He has been co-president of the Cyber Security group of the Telecom Paris Tech alumni association since May 2016. He is the author of “Cyber Security: The Lost Decade – A Security Governance Handbook for the CISO and the CIO”, He contributes regularly to The Digital Transformation PeopleBusiness 2 Community, and IoTforAll platforms, as well as the Business Transformation Network. He is an expert contributor on the CIO Water Cooler and has previously published articles on InfoSecurity Magazine,  Computing, the C-Suite.co.uk, Info Sec Buzz and the IoD Director websites.

The Business Value of Cybersecurity

It is now becoming crystal clear that cybersecurity – beyond good practice and good ethics – is quite simply good business. Following cybersecurity best practices is a problem. In fact, it is an important reason why the issue is still shifting in and out of most boards’ radars. Gut feeling alone does not make for a strong-enough case: Top executives are increasingly asking to show the data. Being able to show key stakeholders in business terms what exactly is the tangible value-added of cybersecurity will be key in finally anchoring the topic at the right level of organizations.

Why are we still facing so many security products and vendors?

We need to reflect once more on the staggering number of products and vendors active across the cybersecurity space. Many of those products still aim to address security requirements which are as old as security good practices themselves. They should have consolidated years ago and each should be dominated by a few players – in addition to the usual big names – all bound by healthy competition. The situation is often compounded by the fact that many security tools only end up partially deployed, or simply covering a fraction of the estate – functionally or geographically.

Start-ups: Your Most Valuable Asset in the Long Run Will Be the Trust of Your Customers

Every start-up must understand that the real secret sauce is Trust: In a context of increasing levels of consumer awareness around privacy and data protection, your most valuable asset will be the trust of your customers in your product. Moving fast and breaking things has never created trust. Start-ups must build customer trust from early days by embedding sound security and privacy practices in the products and in their culture. Start-ups must build customer trust from early days by embedding sound security and privacy practices in the products and in their culture.

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