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James Dargan is an experienced book author, Raconteur, content writer.  He writes about quantum computers, AI, cybersecurity, blockchain, cryptocurrency & transhumanism. He is a contributing writer at Hacker Noon, Altcoin Magazine, Chatbots Magazine, Chatbot’s Life, and Danny Boy Books. Check out his fiction on amazone.com.

Blockchain  - The Radical Metamorphosis Shaping Our Financial Future

To refurbish what we’ve already accomplished, and to go beyond it is going to take a great effort. However, there is one kind of technology that can do all this and more, especially in the financial sector. Surprisingly, though, it isn’t AI nor Robotics, neither big data nor quantum computers. Not even, thank goodness, social media. It is called the blockchain, and it’s coming for you, it’s coming for all of us. Blockchain, which if it promises to do what the specialists in the field are telling us, will change the financial landscape of the world for all time.

Computer Vision: The Future of the Future in More Ways Than One

All around us and most of the time without us even realizing it computer vision (CV) is being used to enhance our lives. New levels of development have been achieved. The sky’s the limit for the future of CV with the advent of better, more sophisticated processors which not only the large tech firms have access to anymore. The wider availability of software in deep learning has democratized this area of the tech industry.

Will Quantum Computers Ever Replace The Humble PC in Our Living Rooms?

These days, ‘quantum’ is a byword for where we are going, although the technology is still in its genesis. To understand quantum computers and what — if our minds and design applications get to grips with them — they can do for us is mindblowing. Quantum theory is for many a subject so difficult to understand, so sheathed in intellectual rhetoric that it frightens the life out of many if only because of its sheer incomprehensibility.  A quantum race could very much be on the cards.

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