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 Dr. Hossein Eslambolchi is currently Facebook Open Labs Technical Advisor including Chairman & CEO 2020 Venture Partners that focuses on technology and operations consulting to private equity firms and service providers. He is recognized worldwide in the scientific community as one of the foremost thought leaders and technological scientists of both the high-tech age and 21st century, often compared by industry experts to leaders such as Jack Welsh of GE for his leadership in business transformation in global communications and Thomas Edison for his prolific scientific contribution in the field of IP. His collection of achievements includes: Holding 1000+ patents worldwide, both issued, pending & in preparation, 2017 Ellis Island Medal of Honor, and AT&T Fellow and highest technical honor.

AI Ramifications in Tomorrow's World

AI-based technology will fundamentally change economies, politics, the planet, and indeed humanity. Even today we are only just beginning to see some of these changes come to fruition. For better or for worse, society will be permanently altered due to artificial intelligence. Just think of the dramatic changes we’ve witnessed just in our own lives as the age of the Internet has disrupted the landscape. Given the dramatic pace of innovation today, one can’t help but wonder what humanity might look like in a few decades as compared to today. How will we, as a society, fare in the brave new world of tomorrow?

Top Ten predictions Of Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Sensors & Machine Learning – 2020

Robotics, Machine Learning (ML) and AI is starting to dominate the enterprise, service providers and consumer worlds for decades to come. We are entering to perhaps another major showdown for use of technology using Artificial Intelligence and Robotics with massive amount of sensors for years to come and I predict number of sensors in entire world economy will exceed 1T by end of 2030 time-frame and this will generate level of innovation and growth in enterprises, consumers and governments which we had not seen except for industrial revolution in 20th century. 

Datacenter Evolution and Implications

Cloud services now provide the capability to both store and compute vast amounts of data. As both public and private clouds have quickly become a business necessity with the explosion in the availability of data in recent years, the evolution of Datacenter depends on a well-designed cloud-based architecture that is capable of flawless delivery, and must include five major processes - Visualize, Consolidate,  Integrate, Automate, Federate. Indeed, cloud computing is widely leveraged across a variety of problem domains ranging from movie recommendation systems to unraveling the mysteries of the universe. 


Cognitive Based Brain Computing

Cognitive Brain Cloud Computing coupled with Blockchain Based security models is having a moment using latest technical jargon in IT world. Artificial neural network algorithms like deep learning, which are very loosely based on the way the human brain operates, now allow digital computers to perform such extraordinary feats as translating the language, hunting for subtle patterns in huge amounts of data, and beating the best human players at Go. But even as engineers continue to push this mighty computing strategy, the energy efficiency of digital computing is fast approaching its limits. 

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