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Harpreet Singh is the Founder and Co-CEO of Experfy, a big data and IoT consulting and training marketplace in the Harvard Innovation Launch Lab.  A Harvard-trained PhD, he works at the intersection of big data, IoT and analytics, developing strategy, roadmaps, advanced algorithms and high performance AI systems.  He is the co-author of Big Data in the Age of Mass Personalization (forthcoming).

The Evolving Role of Big Data in Retail

The retail value chain is impacted by Big Data in many profound ways: retailers use Big Data to collect data on their customers so that they can better serve them and market themselves to them; they interact with payment systems whose information must be secured against sophisticated threats; and their logistics and operations can be markedly improved by using Big Data effectively.

Internet of Things: Market, Opportunity and Challenges

The IoT is about a world in which physical objects ranging from gas turbines to mobile phones and television sets are connected to the Internet. That connectivity imbues these devices with intelligence and enables them to collaborate with each other and with people to adapt to the contexts in which we live, work, and play. 

Managing Your Big Data Security Strategy in 2017

In the era of Big Data, as the amount of data available for analysis has exploded exponentially, securing that data has become absolutely essential for corporate success. Firms like Target and Home Depot know first hand the deleterious impact that data breaches can have on the corporate brand and bottom line.

How Big Data is Revolutionizing Healthcare

Few American industries are as primed to be revolutionized by Big Data as healthcare. In this blog post, Harpreet Singh, the Founder and Co-CEO of Experfy gives us three ways in which Big Data in fundamentally reshaping healthcare.

IoT and Prognostic Analytics for Predictive Maintenance

Given the high costs of industrial assets, extending their life cycle by harnessing the power of prognostic analytics for predictive maintenance is essential to maximizing your return on this substantial investment. Leverage your industrial data to lower maintenance costs, increase safety, raise productivity, and improve profits.

Artificial Intelligence and the Death of Indian IT Sector

IT services in India is highly vulnerable to the next phase of technological disruption in automation and AI as novel capabilities such as self-repairing code reduce the need for the large-scale deployment of cheap IT professionals. India is likely to witness a crisis like the one it has never seen before.

Reinvention of the CLO as a Digital Leader in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Digital transformation is a comprehensive process affecting every aspect of your organization. Are CLOs ready to re-invent themselves to upskill their employees?

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