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Guy Churchward is President and CEO of DataTorrent. He also has served as President of Dell EMC’s Core Technologies Division, President, and CEO of LogLogic, Vice President and General Manager of the Data Protection Group at NetApp and Vice President and General Manager of BEA's WebLogic Products Group. 

Why “True” Real-time Data Matters: The Risks of Processing Data-at-rest Rather than Data-in-motion

What do I mean by true real-time data? It is data that has just been generated and never been stored. Because once data has been stored, no matter for how long, it is no longer real-time. Can you imagine making vital business decisions based on three-month-old insights? How about a week old? Or a day old? Minutes-old data can be irrelevant for the real-time decisions that matter most to your business, yet many people don’t understand the difference between real-time analytics with real-time data and real-time analytics with stale data.

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