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Giridhara Raam is a cybersecurity analyst and GDPR researcher at ManageEngine, a division of Zoho Corp. His recent e-book on GDPR compliance, "Fourteen endpoint management features that can help you achieve and sustain GDPR compliance," helped enterprises understand how endpoint security helps in data protection and user privacy.

Why AI is Exactly What the Cybersecurity Industry Needs

The trend of evolving cyberattacks doesn’t seem to have slowed down. Instead of creating new malware, attackers have started to upgrade existing variants by configuring them with the right threat evasion parameters. In 2018, it’s clear that companies need to adopt a high-level cyber security mechanism to keep their data safe and secure.By combining an organization’s IT department with an advanced cybersecurity framework, AI is just what organizations need to prevent increasingly complex cyberattacks. Many CIOs and CISOs have already begun to incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) into their organization’s cybersecurity plan.

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