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Gianluca Malato is Data Scientist at Poste Italiane SPA.  He is also a fiction author and software developer, Editor of Data Science JournalThe Trading Scientist, and The Writer’s Notebook. His books are available on Amazon.

How to correctly select a sample from a huge dataset in machine learning

In this article, you will learn that a proper sample can be statistically significant to represent the whole population. This may help us in machine learning because a small dataset can make us train models more quickly than a larger one, carrying the same amount of information. However, everything is strongly related to the significance level we choose. For certain kinds of problems, it can be useful to raise the confidence level or discard those variables that don’t show a suitable p-value.

Why Artificial Intelligence is not a technological revolution

Now we are facing this new character in the stage of evolution that is Artificial Intelligence. Where do we have to put this card in the puzzle of human history? Artificial Intelligence is not a tool at all. It’s more like a synthetic partner in our lives. It’s something able to use cognitive capabilities in order to perform certain tasks faster than we can. So it’s not a tool; it’s an artificial extension of our brain. AI, with its role of boosting human capabilities, can actually be the key for salvation from self-extinction. And this has nothing to share with technology.

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