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Gareth Hole is Solutions Director, Advanced Process Automation at NICE Systems EMEA. He has worked closely with government departments and agencies, as well as top-tier financial services, insurance and telco/media companies across the world to implement transformational change through the application of disruptive technologies, including robotic automation, cognitive & AI decisioning and real-time process optimisation.

Artificial intelligence and the human workforce – a match made in efficiency heaven?

A lot has been said about the negative connotations of artificial intelligence but the hard evidence continues to tell us something different. For starters, the National Association of Software and Services Companies has stated that robotic process automation (RPA) can already reduce operational costs by as much as 65% - with ROI within as little as half a year. With ever more sophisticated decisioning as part of this, AI is becoming an incredible asset to the human workforce and is increasingly becoming an inevitable addition to the business process. In the area of customer service, in particular, artificial intelligence is already proving its worth in ways that cannot be ignored or played down.    

Bossing the bots: managing your RPA transformation for employee success

Why exactly are more and more businesses embracing RPA technology and how can they ensure a successful transformation? What has quickly become clear is that RPA has the power to modernise how businesses operate. Deploying a virtual workforce can enable organisations to drive a whole host of workforce advancements, with robots taking over many of the more mundane, rules-based processes. For example, RPA robots can complete tasks such as processing transactions or filling out forms faster, meaning employees will no longer have to make repetitive, transactional decisions.

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