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Francisco Maroto, a usual speaker in IoT international events, is CEO and founder at OIES Consulting, an IoT Consulting and Business Development company. His experience in the IoT/M2M field last more than 25 years, with direct involvement in big projects in the Telecom sector, Industrial and Aerospace & Defense industries

Be careful of 'The Walking Dead' of IoT

Many companies are thinking about their survival after the apocalypse that will be produced by the mix of IoT, AI and blockchain. CEOs must make decisions that prevent their companies from disappearing or worse, becoming walking dead.

From the IoT Evolution to the Revolution of the Cognitive Age

IoT can positively change the way we do business and the way we live our lives.   IoT is a new revolution in our society, or it is just one more step in the technological evolution of the digital revolution. Today, the debate continues but whether evolution or revolution, The Internet of Things is here to stay. IoT is often presented as a revolution that is changing the face of society or the industry in a profound manner. It is an evolution that has its origins in technologies and functionalities developed by visionary automation suppliers.

Will Edge Computing IIoT solutions be a real trend in 2019?

The benefits of using Edge Computing / Machine Learning solutions are very attractive to manufacturers because allows minimize latency, conserve network bandwidth, operate reliably with quick decisions, collect and secure a wide range of data, and move data to the best place for processing with better analysis and insights of local data. The ROI in such IIoT Solutions is very attractive. But they will never get these benefits if they do not step up and change your outdated attitude and start soon their IIoT journey aimed at to provide tangible and innovative business value.

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