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Featured in the Women in FinTech Powerlist 2017 by Innovate Finance, Elena Mesropyan is Global Head of Content at LetsTalkPayments.com (LTP), the top knowledge hub and online destination for insights & data-driven research in FinTech.  Her content has been published/cited/used as a source by ISACA, The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, Moody’s Analytics, Irish Tech News, Network Branded Prepaid Card Association (NBPCA), UN Blockchain, The National Money Transmitters Organization (NMTA), StarSe, Citibank, BankDirector.com, FinXTech.com etc.

2020 Outlook: How FinTech Transformed the Wealth Management Industry

What did FinTech bring into wealth management exactly? The short answer is AI. Thompson Reuters suggests that cognitive software platforms, which provide the tools to analyze, organize, access, and provide advisory services based on a range of structured and unstructured data, are set to attract investment of nearly $2.5 billion in this year alone.

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