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Dr. Dorian Selz is a serial entrepreneur with experience in Big Data, Analytics, Internet Technologies, E-Business, E-Strategy, E-Marketing, company & team building, financing, etc. He is co-founder and CEO of Squirro, an advanced context intelligence and insights solution provider.  Before that, he founded the Swiss search platform local.ch and made it the market leader in four years.  He was a partner and COO at Namics, the largest e-business consultancy in Switzerland & Germany.

Data: The World’s Most Underused Valuable Resource

Many may agree that data is in fact the world’s most valuable resource, but the numbers show that data is actually the world’s most underused valuable resource. The truth is that only 1-5% of all data is actually used. It might be easy for companies to pat themselves on the backs about the valuable data that they are collecting, but if it’s not being used, then what’s the point? Based on the numbers, companies could make decisions that are 95-99% better if they just used the data they already have.

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