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Divina Paredes is the editor of CIO New Zealand and www.cio.co.nz , the premium leadership and management resource for information and communications technology (ICT) executives and members of the CXO suite. She also organises and moderates CIO community events such as the CIO100 forum, CIO roundtable discussions, and CIO leaders’ luncheons.

Deploying RPA: Communication is key

RPA tools mimic the “manual” path a human worker would take to complete a task, using a combination of user interface interaction describer technologies. The market provides a broad range of solutions with tools either operating on individual desktops or enterprise servers. In order to make an RPA project a success, leaders must first evaluate the possible use cases for RPA in their organisation and also focus on revenue-generating activities. Evaluate first before deployment.

Predictions 2019: The cobots are coming

In the past few years, telepresence robots have been around, but have not gained widespread traction in the enterprise.  Yet, increasingly we are seeing classes of robots designed to interact with people in a distributed physical space. Moving into 2019, we will see an expansion of these office and personal robots meant to help us collaborate and coordinate action with others. As the year comes to an end, here are some predictions on digital workplace, specifically, the rise of the cobot - a robot interacting and functioning with people.

Five top digital transformation trends for 2019

The term digital transformation is often used in relation to IT transformation or business transformation but even though they are closely related, the terms are distinctly different. But digital transformation does not really refer to IT systems but rather to an organisation’s underlying business and its business processes going digital and becoming more agile. Digital transformation will also require the use of various technologies such as cloud computing, business analytics (BA), artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) and, going forward, the Internet of Things. Here are five digital trends to note.

Creating intelligent workspaces is the future of work

Small meeting spaces are fast becoming smart workspaces where high performance collaboration like problem solving and idea generation is taking place. Businesses are finding value in creating smaller, more agile spaces that enable people to meet when they need to, regardless of location. Creating intelligent workspaces like the huddle room is the future of work. Agile workspaces such as huddle rooms enable important calls and video conferences to take place as required, ensuring that remote workers have sufficient face time, contribute to team meetings and feel included.

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