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Derek Russell is a solution specialist for Data & AI at Microsoft, helping empower enterprise customers to become data-driven businesses.” He has consultative sales experience with a strong background in environmental due diligence, environmental health and safety engineering, and utility-scale energy optimization. He can be followed on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Podcast.

Pour Another Coffee! - Why ALL Businesses Will Become Data Businesses

Data that is available for collection in every moment in our lives is a rich resource just waiting to be collected by businesses that are strategically positioned and enabled to do so. Now, what are some things you can start doing this quarter to make sure your business is more of an economic driver, with a data driven co-pilot?

Attention Business Leaders: How Will You Be Disrupted?

With all the talk on “the street” about disruption in the various markets, from the auto industry to retail, it can be easy to act reactively and change too fast too soon rather then to be strategic and do what is best for your line of business 

What's Your Digital Transformation Story?

ALL businesses are in need of digitization, with the vast majority eagerly trying to to find a digitization strategy and trusted partners to help them get there quickly. The time for digitization is now, and not making this a core part of your business's strategy in 2018 is not just dangerous, it is fatal. The good news is, there are a lot of great partners out there to help you along, picking the right one is just another part of your Digital Transformation Story. HOW you tell that story, while understanding exceedingly changing industry environments, the data realities of the current condition today, and the human/machine capital needed to drive initiatives, is immensely valuable.

The Three Tragedies of the CMO…and their Happy Endings

Data ingestion and big data storage were the most foreign to marketing leaders. Understanding where each team sat in the organizations' data story, was incredibly powerful and seemed to inspire the accountability and permission for business leaders to engage in a more informed and strategic technology conversation with IT. CIOs and CMOs must share each other's mindset in how data plays a part in the organizations business strategy, and if this isn't the case, both will end up overspending and over allocating budget and talent in the quest to "be an analytical organization". Here are some items for marketing leaders to explore if all of this sounds familiar:

Why Your Organization Shouldn’t Be Afraid of AI

The reality is that the conversation about AI is increasingly important, so important, that Max Tegmark, a physicist at MIT and author of Life 3.0: Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence, claims the conversation to be the most important conversation of our time. 

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