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David Dewhirst  is the Principal Partner ThreeTwelve Creative, a marketing agency focused on the IoT, SaaS and PaaS ecosystems. He focuses on thought leadership and marketing strategies for ThreeTwelve and its clients, and worked for several years as a software engineer for startups MediaBrains and AgingCare.com

Products Come and Go. Is Your IoT Brand Ready for Market?

The complexity of building out an IoT solution from scratch can be daunting, indeed. Devices must be designed and built, or suitable COTS devices identified, networks created, security — both physical and cyber — put into place, databases and software architected, connectivity purchased. That kind of a complex build-out is costly.

eSIM: The Guts and Glory in Embedded SIM Opportunities

Although the GSMA describes eSIM as being a vital enabler of the growth of the machine-to-machine (M2M) ecosystem,  the applications of this nascent technology are in fact even wider-reaching than pure M2M applications and that not only opens up broad opportunities for IoT/M2M companies to define and own their category, it also creates a literal, built-in differentiator that will set them apart from competitive solutions and devices that are not eSIM-enabled.

The Three Phases of Pitch Indifference

Being different can be good. In fact, being Different can be great, and that is the whole idea of having a differentiator for your business. If you truly have such a differentiator, I actually encourage you to use buzzwords when the time is right. Just like using “Cloud,” saying “My sensors use proprietary machine learning on the Edge” conveys an incredible amount of information, uses less than ten words to do so, and has saved both of us a lot of time in the process – and is thus incredibly efficient. 

Welcome to the IoT Technosphere

The concept of IoT as an ecosystem just isn’t enough: It’s too large and it’s too diverse. We might, for example, reasonably talk about the IoT wearable device ecosystem, or the Industrial IoT ecosystem — but how do we accurately capture the scope and the scale that is IoT in its entirety?

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