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David consults in the IoT space. He served as the CEO of an IoT technology startup, as well as worked with large enterprises including Sun, Pfizer and Verizon. He has started and operated systems integration/consulting practice from scratch, and led the sale of a software startup. With over 25 years of demonstrated success in IT and IoT, David drives strategy, execution, sales and organizational growth.

The IoT Stack Tension

In the burgeoning IoT space, a number of company’s are creating and acquiring their way to a full stack offering – lets call them the ‘Full Stacks.’ The other end of the spectrum represents best of breed integrations that we’ll call the ‘Custom Stacks.’ Clients, such as OEM’s, seeking to develop an IoT solution are faced with a strategic decision of either buying a ‘Full Stack’ or assembling a ‘Custom Stack.’ Both approaches, and in between, require integration, a separate topic, but are viable options and all come with pros and cons.

IoT - If It Were Easy, Everyone Would Be Doing It

The promise of IoT remains unchanged, from subtle efficiencies, to disrupting industries, to global economic impact, but it remains early. The technology and know how will improve and every company will need to determine how and when to engage.

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