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What Human Resource Leaders Need to Know for Business Continuity Planning

COVID-19 has undoubtedly taken many companies on a speedy roller-coaster since the global outbreak. The most critical step for human resource leaders in companies both big and small is to show empathy to employees and focus on developing and implementing a streamlined business continuity plan. This article discusses what business continuity planning should look like for human resources leaders and offer a checklist to ensure everyone is safe and your business runs as well as it can during this time.

How Important is Robotic Process Automation in HR?

Adopting robotic process automation in HR is vital for organizations who hope to retain their employees. When HR no longer spends all of its time on files, reports, and so on, it actually has the ability to reach out to employees, provide ongoing training programs for employees who need and want them, pay attention to those employees who are truly making an effort in their positions, and boost the overall morale of the organization. Here are six ways in which HR automation can play an important role in your organization.

Ten Trends Coming Up in Identity and Access Management for 2020

Identity access management will continue to grow in scope and scale. Biometrics may be useful; however, it should not be solely relied upon for identification. Blockchain technology may be a better choice for those who want to control their identity. Ease-of-use for cloud-based offerings is driving the demand for single sign-on services. Expansion of the IoT requires scalable and reliable infrastructure to establish the identities of the billions of new IoT devices and manage them via a massive network.

Cloud Computing Architecture: What Is Front End and Back End?

The cloud system architecture is not limited geographically. One of the main attractions to cloud computing is the ability to provide robust cloud-based services from various widely dispersed locations. In this way, if one of the server facilities goes offline for any reason the other facilities in the cloud-services network can handle the processing work until the offline system comes back up. Opportunities exist and should be explored for every part of the process that connects the front end to the back end in cloud computing.

Six Ways Financial Process Automation Improves Fintech Organizations

As Fintech organizations focus on helping consumers and business owners manage their accounts and finances using specialized algorithms and software, they can really improve the whole process using Financial Process Automation. Because managing financial transactions across an organization require a lot of knowledge, expertise, know-how, pressure-handling capabilities, mental ability, and most of all commitment. As a financial manager or CFO, you’re probably aware that today’s financial responsibilities are much more than just math. In this regard, Financial Process Automation is the answer.

Why Data Integrity is Critical for Human Resources

Data integrity is critical to just about every aspect of a business, but when it comes to the human resources dept. it could easily be argued that every single piece of data is both mission-critical and sensitive. HR data not only contains identity information that would be valuable to thieves, but it also contains a wealth of information that is in the company’s best interest to protect. Threats to HR data integrity may seem numerous, but we can break them down into a relatively small set of categories.

Eight Ways Artificial Intelligence can transform the future of HR Analytics

It is found that half of the recruiters, HR representatives and CEOs have already recognized and anticipated the future of HR analytics. Artificial intelligence can disrupt and transform the future of HR analytics and HR operations, but the organizations will have to balance out these cognitive computing functions and advancements with complete transparency in order to implement AI successfully. Moreover, transparency in AI technology is important for employees to trust new technology. HR executives must have a clear understanding of how decisions are being made.

Seven Ways Technology Plays a Critical Role in Culture Building at Work

It is crucial for the companies to give a cultural work environment to its employees if the employers want to increase the total output productivity. The culture-building process cannot simply be effective enough for implementation without the use of technology. Technology and culture building are two aspects that can be integrated into the immense growth of the business. In other words, building a culture at work is impossible without the integration of technology.

Marketing Automation: All-in-One vs. Best-of-Breed

There is no specific choice of having a marketing automation solution. The correct choice of marketing platform depends on your specific business needs. You will benefit greatly from a single tool which is great at performing a particular task as it provides you with a greater chance to meet your marketing targets. Also, you do not get to pay for the software that you do not use. Thus, now is the right time to dig deeper into marketing automation and create a streamlined process for your business.

Seven Reasons Intelligent Automation is Critical in HR Management

Intelligent automation can help HR professionals make smarter decisions, help them get more done with less, and help HR shift its focus from manual, repetitive tasks to take on a more strategic role in the business – by innovating. Automation, learning systems, and artificial intelligence are all becoming key elements of HR practices and HR leaders and practitioners need to embrace these as ways to help your business achieve its goals. Intelligent automation can improve HR management in many ways.

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