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Daniel Newman is Founder, partner, and operator of 4 companies ranging from Principal Analyst at Futurum Research, a Technology and Analysis firm to the CEO of Broadsuite Media Group and President of Digital Agency V3B. He is also an author and contributor to some of the worlds largest media outlets. A regular on Forbes, Entrepreneur and The Huffington Post, as well as the author of 5 Amazon Best Selling Books, he is also an Adjunct Professor of Management at North Central College.

Top 10 Digital Transformation Trends for 2020

While the same core technologies that dominated discussions will continue to be foundational to our collective digital transformation journey, 2020 will be defined by a fresh new class of technologies ready to graduate to the sidelines to center stage. Among them: 5G, AI, advanced data analytics, but also some that may surprise you. Without further ado, here are the 10 among them that will be the most significant in 2020, and will both dominate digital transformation discussions and inform the trajectory of successful digital transformation programs.

Return On IoT: Dealing With The IoT Skills Gap

The IoT is still expanding exponentially. How will we manage and maintain the networks, data, clouds, and connections that govern and transmit this data? An IoT skills gap may be standing in our way. If your company is not yet feeling the pain of the IoT skills gap, take heart: you soon will. The following are some tips for lessening the damage to your business. The easiest way to deal with the IoT skills gap in your workforce is upskilling and retraining programs.

Does Your Company Need That Chatbot?

Does your company need a chatbot? Do you have money to invest in good AI? There is nothing that can annoy customers more than dealing with a bot who can do literally nothing besides direct them to a person who can. We’ve all had experiences of dealing with chatbots that were efficient and smart—and those that made us want to smash our computer screen. Does your company have money to invest in quality AI? If not, it might be worth skipping the chatbot option.

CMOs And IoT: Can This Technology Improve Marketing?

Marketing teams who are focused on harnessing the power of the IoT will easily rise above their competitors. But when it comes to CMOs and IoT specifically, what are some tips to keep the relationship on track? In truth, CMOs and IoT aren’t always included in the same conversation. The issue for CMOs and IoT is, simply knowing how to use data in the most powerful ways. Whether you’re new to IoT discussions or a seasoned marketing/data veteran, below are some tips to help ensure your CMOs and IoT projects operating at full steam.

How Blockchain Is Changing Digital Marketing

Blockchain is changing digital marketing in a disruptive way, potentially wiping out a whole new generation of companies built on its very existence. The real impact of blockchain in digital marketing is not just in the new use cases being developed. It’s in how those use cases will impact entire systems that have popped up as a way to manage the digital marketplace. In a time when digital marketing seems to be changing and growing by the moment, blockchain is changing digital marketing in disruptive, perhaps even irreversible ways.

Top 5 Digital Transformation Trends In Manufacturing For 2020

It’s important to reiterate the growing connectedness of consumer demands that will play a much more significant role in changing manufacturing for the better in the coming year than those technologies themselves. Today, every company is here to serve the customer, no matter how far away from the customer they may have functioned in the past. Transformational trends such as the (A)IoT and 5G will force them to do that even more in the coming decade. It will also make that level of accountability possible.

Facial Recognition Software: Where Are We Now?

Facial recognition holds so much more potential. Massive opportunity lies in facial recognition software, from helping to identify missing or exploited children to speeding up lines in the airport. As marketers trying to leverage facial recognition as a vehicle to improving customer experience, is there still a way for us to use the technology? How can we tap into the benefits without crossing the line of personal privacy? Before the technology is unleashed into the corporate world, companies need to fully understand it. 

AI And CRM: Will Customer Management Get Easier?

Most of us know the value of customer management—the problem is that we’re using less-than-stellar tools or using them in a way that is less-than optimal. At the end of the day, customer management is about knowing what data to gather about your leads, keeping it up to date, and gaining insights from it in the fastest way possible. AI is a clear partner for CRMs and companies looking to build a more loving relationship with customer management and their customers both.

Why AI As A Service Will Take Off In 2020

Could 2020 be the year AI as a Service takes off? To some extent it already has. AI can lead to greater efficiencies and better customer insights for businesses in nearly every industry. In 2020, AI won’t just be nice to have, it will be a necessity. AI as a service is one of the biggest game-changers we’ll see in digital transformation. Yes, as AI as a service becomes more popular, it will also become more popular for hackers. AI as a service could definitely improve a company’s odds of experiencing success.

AI And Analytics: Optimizing Your Digital Customer Journey Map

Maintaining a digital customer journey map seems like a lot of work, AI and machine learning can manage a lot of the heavy lifting in terms of data processing. But beyond data, you’ll want to make sure your CIO and CMO work closely together to ensure that your digital customer journey map is as cohesive as possible. No man is an island. No customer journey map holds a magic treasure. It’s a process of creating as complete of a map as you can to lead your customers where they personally want to go.

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