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Craig Jordan is a leader of enterprise solution architects for a multi-line national insurance company.  He and his team define business intelligence, analytics and information architectures.  Over more than 20 years of professional IT experience, Mr. Jordan has architected and led the development of web applications, data warehouses and service oriented architectures in the areas of human resources, software process improvement, banking, and property & casualty insurance.  Prior to his current position, Mr. Jordan held positions with Compuware, Geneer and Motorola.  In addition to IT leadership, Mr. Jordan has been a part-time instructor for introductory programming, math and technology courses for community and technical colleges and occasionally speaks on business intelligence architecture topics at local and regional conferences.  

How to Really Eat an Elephant

Many Hadoop installations have been focused on individual teams and their particular data analysis projects. But that's changing as Scott Carey points out in "11 Hadoop case studies in the enterprise," business from big banks to airlines and retailers are deploying Hadoop at the enterprise scale. Further he asserts, that "Forrester now says enterprise adoption of Hadoop is 'mandatory,' so any business that wants to derive value from its data should, at the very least, be looking at the technology."   Installing Hadoop and enabling a single team to use it has become a simple process, particularly if a cloud-based offering of the platform is acceptable. Whether on Azure, AWS, the Google Cloud Platform or another cloud provider's infrastructure, provisioning a multi-node Hadoop instance can be done quickly...point and click.

Does that mean, however, that the newly-minted Hadoop cluster is ready for the enterprise?

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