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Craig Cook is Principal Consultant, DevOps, and Agile at Catapult CX, with over 16 years experience leading engineering teams across various industries including telecoms, finance, and insurance.  He is a specialist in cloud technologies and micro-services, has deployed and scaled DevOps tools for international enterprises to help enable DevOps, Agile and Continuous Delivery. 

Five Business Benefits When DevOps Is Done Right

When done well, DevOps can remove inefficiencies by improving process and performance but only when clear outcomes are established. These improvements are transferable across a wide range of industries, with consistent benefits achievable for organisations of all sizes. So if you are looking for reasons why you should introduce DevOps,here are five benefits that  help you make that decision. However, these benefits are all intrinsically linked, so there's little chance that all will immediately appear once your DevOps journey has begun. 

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