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Clinton Jones, Group Product Manager at Experian and Principal at JonesAssociates, is internationally experienced digital and physical product manager with full stack experience.

Are we on the cusp of an Artifical Intelligence Golden Age?

A batched or scheduled approach needs to be considered as complementary and this too can incorporate AI and ML in how decisions are made and actions are taken. The technology has the power to execute for most use cases today, perhaps not at massive scale and perhaps in very specific and possibly narrow or as ‘weak AI’ propositions but these may just be the starting point for what Amazon's Jeff Bezos considers the AI Golden Age.

The promise of Artificial Intelligence for ERP

Efforts are underway among the ERP vendors to consider more innovative ways to handle the massive data demands of ERP and in fact surface more obvious value from ERP through machine learning and ERP algorithms. AI-enabled ERP can ultimately mean more intuitively surfacing access to all ERP data services through the methods that users would feel most comfortable using. Moving ERP systems from reporting on historical activity and getting them to be helpful with predicting and forecasting behaviour and outcomes become much more of a likelihood when AI and machine learning is applied to ERP systems.

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